Upon seizing power in Afghanistan, the Taliban have systematically created an atmosphere of fear for Afghan women depriving them of almost all human rights.  Women in Southern Afghanistan have been banished from the work force and are refused an opportunity for education, decent healthcare and safety in their own home.

Action for Afghan Women was established to create educational opportunities, employment skills, and human rights counseling for Afghan women.   AFAW’s mandate include enrolling the women in computer courses and sewing classes while also providing entrepreneur skills and training.  In addition, to promote higher education, AFAW is granting a medical school scholarship to one highly qualified candidate nominated through a rigorous selection procedure.  The scholarship recipient is expected to return to Afghanistan as the first internationally trained female physician in Southern Afghanistan.  

Prior to Taliban control, women in Helmand were educated and allowed to have a voice.  That was not the situation in Kandahar, and still women continue to be oppressed.  AFAW was formed to address the immediate needs of women in these areas.  We are resolved to take impactful action to help Southern Afghan women gain the employable skills, and education on human rights, necessary to help each other live a more fulfilled, just, life.      


How can you help?

Volunteer- Paula is available to speak to business groups, clubs, and in salon home events. If there is an event in your area, or if you want to have an event, serving as a volunteer is great support for AFAW. 

At this point we need funding to launch this important mission. Your donations will be used wisely and transparently. Please give so we can make a difference in the injustices of women in Southern Afghanistan.


Empowering Afghan Women for a Better Future




The mission of Action for Afghan Women is to empower women in Southern Afghanistan by promoting culturally sensitive programs that enhance their lives.  Our mandate is to provide increased access to education for girls, to create economic empowerment through skill training and entrepreneurship, and to support improved social justice through promotion of human rights and dignity.

Action for Afghan Women


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