With the high abuse rate for women in this area, and the minimal medical care, AFAW will conduct human rights counseling. Respect with be given to cultural and religious restrictions, while encouraging women to learn their rights of safety and basic rights of education, work, and medical care.

Qualified women from the region of Kandahar and Helmand will be sent to medical school internationally, while spending their summer semester break at home in Afghanistan. After a 4 year completion of medical school, they will return home immediately to work in a new medical facility for women’s care. AFAW has a keen interest in helping to fund and manage  the building and administration of this facility.



Medical Care

Human Rights Counseling


Empowering Afghan Women for a Better Future


AFAW will send the brightest of women with a 4 year undergrad degree and command of English language to medical school.  Women do not see doctors since culturally they can only be treated by women doctors. There are none in this area. We will send back to Southern Afghanistan a female doctor. She will have the most sophisticated training and will serve her country as a doctor for women only. The scholarships will be advertised within Southern Afghanistan. These doctors will also oversee midwives in the area, as needed. 


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